The Most Hated Player in Chess

This was recorded before Karjakin staked his claim for the title.

















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  1. Levy is the goat, the way he makes his videos and and jokes and everything, and makes something like chess , that many many people find boring. And he makes it alot
    More fun is outstanding, his content is great, and he is a heck of a player, gotta respect him.

  2. It never really occurred to me Levy really is the third highest grossing chess player right now. We don't have hard figures to prove it but it is extremely likely

  3. That depends. Many Brazilians despise Hikaru for what he implied about one of their GM's I'm sure.

  4. Whether he makes sense or not, Levy's analogies off the top of his head are the best. If these GMs are so jealous they should shed some tears because they are so dry.

  5. I'm a little proud of Hikaru for realizing he was was kind of a dickhead when he was younger. He learned and chilled the fuck out. Levy's fine though, he found a hustle that works with what he knows and he's good at it.

  6. levy has good content that i enjoy watching but imo he comes across as pretentious because of his “elitist attitude” that i find myself not caring for along with how i feel like elo and his chess success defines his ego but other than that he makes great content

  7. Hikaru, what about Zhigalko? He was the guy that tried to get a very cheap win by calling the arbiter over saying you "illegally" knocked a piece over.

  8. I've literally never heard anyone say they dislike Levy. But I've heard of tons of people and other GMs/IMs that Hikaru is an asshole.

  9. Makes sense, I would never watch one of his video's but they seem to get a lot of views in only a few days. Gotta say props for Hikaru on the win in fide GP leg1, didn't think he was gonna do that well to be honest.

  10. Levy is by far one of the best streamers in chess. If they hate him that is their problem, BUT Many GMs are known by the regular audience because of him.

  11. Karjakin might have been somewhat coerced into making his recent statements showing support for the unethical fraudulent Machiavellian Russian dictator (Putin), which make Karjakin so utterly unlikable now.

  12. Here's the thing; I really don't see any of these "super GMs hating on Levy for being more successful" anywhere. I'm sure a couple exist, but most of them either don't care enough, have no solid opinion, or like Levy. I don't know where this whole narrative of Levy being the guy that GMs hate because he's an IM that makes more money than them in chess came from, in my experience it's just not true.

    If people dislike Levy, it's mostly because of his personality and him being kind of shitty sometimes. Very rarely do I ever see GMs disliking Levy for the sole fact that he's nowhere near their level at chess yet makes a lot more than most of them will. Sure it may be a factor with some of them, but are we really going to paint this as the larger narrative?

  13. Levi's popularity and lack of skill does seem like he sold his soul to the devil for YouTube fame.

  14. Levy can be hard to watch because of his elitist attitude but to be honest that's the reason why I don't frequent Hikaru videos very much anymore.

  15. Well, for me you are one of the best GMs talking about entertainment only.
    I am not a GM to judge your chess.
    Also Magnus carlsen is my most boring one.

  16. Levy makes better content than everyone else. It's a separate skill. Anyone who hates Levy might as well hate pewdiepie, too

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