The Most Underrated Chess Opening Part-2

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you one of the most underrated chess openings for White. It is less played, not very popular, but it is a solid chess opening with great attacking ideas. Therefore, you can catch your opponents off guard and get a quick win!

It is the Bird’s Opening which happens after the White’s first move 1.f4. Most of the players don’t know what to do as Black against this opening.

With the solid setup that GM Igor Smirnov explains, you can get a great middlegame position with powerful attacking ideas. They are so aggressive that you can get a winning position in just 11 moves!

► Chapters

00:00 Most Underrated Chess Opening
00:36 Bird’s Opening 1.f4
02:51 White’s strong fianchettoed bishop
05:30 Winning position in 11 moves
07:47 Line-2 transposing to mainline
08:36 Line-3: Black plays Nc6 without c5
10:33 Important Queen maneuver
12:51 Can you find the mate in one?

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