The Top 23 Checkmate Patterns | Most Important Mating Patterns In Chess | Chess Tactics and Ideas

These checkmate patterns are vital to be able to spot checkmates quickly and easily in your games. I’ve included timestamps for all of these checkmates so you can quickly jump around!

0:00 – Intro
1:52 – Queen Next To King Mate
3:08 – Back Rank Mate
3:47 – Ladder Mate
4:18 – Queen & Rook Combo Mate
5:12 – Lolli’s Mate
6:07 – Damiano’s Mate
6:44 – Dovetail & Swallow’s Tail Mate
9:38 – Epaulette Mate
10:30 – Greco’s Mate
11:30 – Blind Swine Mate
12:44 – Anastasia’s Mate
13:29 – Hook Mate
14:43 – Opera’s Mate
15:21 – Morphy’s and Pillsbury’s Mate
16:56 – Vukovic’s Mate
17:38 – Reti’s Mate
18:56 – Boden’s Mate
19:29 – Double Bishop Mate
20:06 – Lega’s Mate
21:11 – Knight & Bishop Combo Mate
21:39 – Smothered Mate

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  1. No rook and king mate? I recently played a 3 minute game about 900 elo and my opponent had rook and king v king and just had no idea how to finish and we drew after he ran of time bumbling around for like 20 moves.

  2. On the epaulette matte around 10 min you said it wouldn't work if the pieces were bishops. This cannot happen with only the opponents pieces . Both squares are either black or white beside the king so since you babe a light square bishop and a dark square bishop this cannot happen.

  3. Hello sir, I am a new subscriber. I am also a mediocre player. You have so many videos all of which would make me a better chess player, but I am uncertain how best to utilize your channel. Any suggestions?

  4. In that first example, what if black blocks with the bishop instead of running with the king. You can check with the knight and take the bishop with the rook afterwards but the king atill runs away.

  5. I completely misunderstood the first example and spent ages trying to manoeuvre the white Queen in front of the white King to get a checkmate. Made a whole lot more sense when I realised it was just putting it in front of the OTHER King…

  6. Chess is a solved game computers have already fed us the perfect moves anyone can teach it soon enough I published the solution in a video to my channel it's like checkers you can force a draw from move one in the opening and play like a 3600 engine the whole game chess will be dead in five years.

  7. Thanks for a great video…very helpful. Looking forward to the Middlegame video.
    (And yes, as pointed out below, it is "an Opera House Mate" since it was a real opera not a person named Opera)

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