The Two Chess Hustlers Who Swindled Hikaru

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Hikaru gets blindsided by the legendary NM John Brooks and Coach Dominic “The Kid” during his visit to Monroe Street Midway in beautiful downtown Detroit.

0:00 Introduction to NM John Brooks
0:23 Sponsored By Raid: Shadow Legends
2:12 Detroit vs Hikaru Series Intro
3:02 NM John Brooks vs GM Hikaru Nakamura
6:59 Coach Dominic “The Kid” vs GM Hikaru Nakamura
11:30 Outro

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  1. Thanks to Raid: Shadow Legends for sponsoring this video! Click here to get a special starter pack when you install the app.
    Also a big thanks to everyone at the Detroit Chess Club, James Canty, Jaron, Coffee Chess, and Creamsicle for doing all that they can to make this amazing series. A lot of work was put into these videos and it shows. We'll be putting out more later this week.

  2. I don't know about you but I'd feel pretty humbled if someone was playing Raid: Shadow Legends while they beatin my ass at chess

  3. Imagine thinking you won against Hikaru by jumbling pieces everywhere and putting them back in advantageous positions, double tapping clock to burn his time, using two hands to play, and getting mad at Hikaru for misplacing just 1 of his pieces🤣🤣🤣Chess Hustlers don't even play chess at this point

  4. (1st game) Sorry for my ignorance, but why the game ended if Hikaru can still take the bishop with his king or move out of the way?

  5. I hate playing people like the first guy, unreasonably brutish way to move your pieces doesn't even make you faster and is only to enable the shady plays that follows. There is no difference between doing that and cheating as far as I'm concerned.

  6. "You took your hand off it man". You also did the same exact thing with your queen and almost blundered and Hikaru didn't say a word…
    I can't stand people like that lol

  7. honestly saying i love that old man, he's a humble man and was pleased to meet hikaru also he played very well, although he won because hikaru had only 1 min on the clock

  8. hikaru lost by old man, because his rook and king was on same diagonal two times, that old man was lucky that hikaru didn't noticed that,

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