The Worst Game I've Ever Seen

The Worst Game I’ve Ever Seen… Until The Next One

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  1. me: there can't be any more surprises in the end, right?
    Levy: … and this was actually me aged 8 vs the ghost of Anne Frank

  2. When you and your body ran out of scotch and get drunk with gasoline instead and start playing each other.

  3. I am struggling to get to 1300 now, and seeing this games from 1400 players gives me hope.. lol
    (but i do not wish to get to 1300 by pure luck, so forget everything i just said..)

  4. I appreciate your content but I'm kinda disappointed cuz If this would have done by a titled played like FM or IM or a 2000 Elo, I would have agreed but understand people do dumb things on a normal no stakes game

  5. This game has a very strong cursed energy in it. It's like it happened in an obscure alternate reality.

  6. I just lost around 100 points going from 1200 to 1100 and I feel depressed. This video puts things into perspective. Thank you, Levy. Thank you.

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