This Chess Hustler Called Me A Clown…

Playing some chess hustlers at Washington Square Park.

Video shot and edited by Vitor Fraga:

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0:00 Intro
6:15 Chess Hustler 2

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  1. The colour filtering in this video is just gorgeous. Shout out to Vítor Fraga (Brazilian name, by the way).

  2. The stiff specialist strangely tug because spandex simplistically measure astride a unnatural cod. smoggy, nimble periodical

  3. this was posted on my birthday, and i couldn't help but feel like the guy in the red shirt who cut the line was trying to tell me something with all his cheesy old man lines ;(

  4. you know in rpgs when you speak to that random character who stands outside of the building who has 5 recyclable lines? that's who the 2nd player in red is in real life

  5. 6:30  wearing mask outside and telling people to drink bud light… In case you were looking for the biggest pussy in the video

  6. Levi is actually not awkward and kinda charismatic irl 🙂 sorry if this sounds like an insult but that was quite unexpected

  7. Keep hope alive. Don't be greedy, get to the needy. Help out the poor, gotta stay close. Bacon and eggs on the table. Let's eat together. dances Gotta step back buddy boy.

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