This Is Bullet Chess

Hikaru dominates during the Chess Done Quick: Bullet Edition – This is Part Three – the first two are


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  1. Hikaru is on a God level man. my brain hurts just trying to understand what hes doing

  2. I once did Bullet Chess at school, and me and my opponent ended up in a draw as we constantly smack the timer and throw the pieces

  3. At 5:27 doesn't Nd5 blunder the Knight after Rxe8+ and Qxe8? Maybe Hikaru meant Rxe1+ first then Nd5. I guess Hikaru will always speak with some deep meaning.

  4. I thought each piece taken was a bullet in your chest , atleast by looking at the thumbnail

  5. Это не человек это просто компьютер ! Это Гений своего дела просто слов нету все видит насквозь

  6. people think they can outsmart me, maybe… maybe
    but i have yet to find someone who can outsmart boolet

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