Tournament Arc 2 – Grand Finals – ft. Rustage, Esam, and Gigguk!

This is it. This is the final episode.

The FINAL day of #TournamentArc2, feat. @Gigguk, @RUSTAGE and @ESAM! @aranhawaii and @JapaneseTutor hold it down behind the desk to cover the redemption finals and GRAND FINALS of Tournament Arc 2 to crown a champion!

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  1. Gigguk is unstoppable. He participated in 3 tournament arcs and won all of them. That was an amazing tournament. Would love to see part 3.

  2. Is there a way to turn off comment preview on youtube? Everytime I have work so I can't watch the stream. I pull up the video and the top comment is right there and spoils the game

  3. I think it was impossible for esam to win he would have to win 3 matches of chess in a row and that is super exhausting ggs, to both gigguk and esam tho.

  4. Congrats Garnt, great tournament everyone! TA3 = Smash tournament? 😀 It was fun to watch and it actually kinda got me into chess.

  5. This was a brilliant sequel to the first tournament arc, big ups to everyone, including JT and Aran for their commentary, organising of the tournament and shitty jokes! Can't wait for TA3, or perhaps… vtuber chess tournament?

  6. Gigguk went from protag to villain real fast when he won T2. Only Cdawg can save us from Garnts tyrannical rule

  7. I was rooting for Esam but Gigguk was clearly the better player here. Just visibly much better understanding of how to attack and where to put his pieces.

  8. … expert comentary. he blundered a rook they saw a pawn i am sure they missed other staff before that but was not watching

    Garnt = The Pokemon MC who starts off with Level 5 pokemon and eventually reaches the Top. (e.g.Red)

    Connor = The Villian Boss (e.g. Geovani) who got defeated and became a good person

    Joey = Garnt's rival character. (e.g. Blue)


    Garnt = Red with Mew 2 and other legendaries and high level pokemon

    Connor = The new Villian that falls to Gold.

    Esam = Gold (But he's not the player so he loses to Red because Red was battling seriously)

  10. There's only gonna be more stakes at TA3. Of course we want more!

    Garnt needs to seriously protect his status now that he's won twice, Esam or Rustage's return to try and bring him down will be hype, Connor needs to redeem himself and maybe even turn the tides so the final match is gonna be anybody who beat Garnt vs Connor. Ollie can bring along more Vtubers (perhaps even ironmouse can learn to compete). Surprises like Joey's sudden appearance could happen too. And the fact that they are constantly raising the elo, there's so many things to look forward to!

  11. Loved Tpurnament Arc 2 even more than the first, it was fantastic. I loved the new bracket structure of a redemption arc and needing 2 points to win instead of a win and draw being enough. The only criticism of the bracket for me is the grand finals. I believe having to play less matches is enough of an advantage for Gigguk; Esam having to win two matches in a row seems a bit much, especially for casual chess. The other criticism for this is that the length of the video is an indicator of who wins as the video is a little too short for two full matches, especially seeing Esam and Gigguk with one each in the first match.

    Other than that, big improvement in terms of plays and entertainment. Great to see Ollie, Cdwag, Gigguk and Rustage, but found myself rooting for Esam a lot by his games and this has introduced me to some new people to check out their content. Thank you for expanding an interest in chess to more communities. 🙂

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