Trash Talker Tries to Swindle Hikaru Over The Board

Hikaru gives the Coffee Chess guys a chance and plays against the Boston Mike (The Famous Trash Talker) and FM Mark the Duck. Sub to the legendary Coffee Chess channel to view the other games from these matches: – Be sure to check out the 2nd video in the series:

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  1. I grew up in LA playing with these guys, long before youtube was even a thing, before twitch even, it's a beautiful thing to see the Great Hikaru come through and play with the same guys who showed me the ropes. The Great Carlini a true chess hero and mastermind, someone who elevates the game to a new level, you see this guy checking out the chess problem of the day in the local paper wearing a safari hat, comes over starts running his mouth but not in a mean way in a friendly way, in a good sportsmanship way, bringing the game of chess to life beautifully and elegantly, to see Hikaru come and play with these guys it's like a dream come true for the chess world, the one people might not know about, the street chess world where players don't play for anything but the love of the game. This was a true blessing, thank you Hikaru for doing this <3 PS this is one of the greatest thing to happen to the LA chess scene, who's next… Magsy Bogues? PauseChamp

  2. Imagine having the balls to trashtalk Hikaru!

    I love seeing Hikaru in these. Coffee Chess's chill but banterful manners really suit him in a wholesome way, in my opinion.

  3. Between coffee chess, you, the Botez sisters… and many others, I have returned to loving chess. I have learned so much just watching these matches… Thanks!

  4. damn this was so cool, I got into chess from the coffee chess channel, don't get me wroing I'm totally totally crap but I love watching it and playing the odd game now and then with other newbies but the respect, speed and humbleness actually changed my opinion on you Hikaru, obviously you are an amazing player (duh) but you seemed to be a lot more funny and relaxed than usual here which was refreshing

  5. Interesting how these so-so players appear to be in the game at some point. But they are NOT. The GM already has it figured out.

  6. I know very little about advanced chess, but why did duck end up losing/forfeiting the game? Could he not have just moved his king and kept on playing? Super dumb question lol, but I’d like to know

  7. I enjoy this format so much more than online play. There is nothing like playing with a person sitting in front of you. When I was younger in the 1970s, trash-talking was limited and thought of as a dirty tactic to confuse your opponent. As chess has evolved and more people have learned to play, trash-talking has become one of the more entertaining aspects of chess play. What's so interesting is not hearing Hikaru's thought process and his poker-like expression. Nonetheless, I could watch this kind of play all day!

  8. Most people would say you are the Goat of chess but i will call you the pineapple cuz your a sweet little dude.. 😂😂

  9. I liked Hikaru before but these videos made him my favorite. I have always found the Coffee Chess guys hilarious but this makes me cry with laughter. Amazing crossover.

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