Weekly Quiz Is Back! Chess Quiz 16 – Famous Games!

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  1. They were nice but easy to solve(except second one). Please make video about end games. These are much useful than solve such tacrics. Tnks alot

  2. I like the themes idea this one was kinda boring for me because the first was a very elementary tactic and I had seen the morphy game and the queen sac game but I like the idea of having themes to these

  3. I did enjoy the famous position theme. Could definitely do other themes in the future like maybe even episodes on specific players where they play a really cool move to either win or just transform the position into a winning endgame.

  4. Quiz 3 was the easiest. Puzzles always put you on a side where there's a way out or mate opportunity. This means that the immediate threat of check from black requires a decisive move, which is usually to put black in check. There's 2 reasons the queen sacrifice is the only possible move (even if you don't know where to go after it):

    1) There's no way to get rid of the queen without coming out in a worse position.

    2) There's only one possible move that puts black in check.

    I get that tactics puzzles are good practice that help you recognize patterns, but sometimes I feel like I'm practicing logic more than chess.

  5. I love your videos and I just wanted to give some constructive criticism, you didn't explain why Bb5+ double-check does not work.

  6. I think themes are a great idea! You could also add a final question asking what the theme was, and reveal how many people got it right at the end of the video.

  7. 3/3 lets go!!!! Something Id like to add is make sure you know the correct followup. I thought Qxb7 was the right idea, but took an extra few minutes to calculate the correct follow up with the bishops from hell

  8. Themes are a cool idea. Famous players could be an interesting theme in my opinion. For example, "solve these Capablanca endgames" could be a good theme if you're ever feeling mean. You could also turn the tables on that one guy who submitted a Tal game to Stump the Chump.

  9. Two #2 moves and (for Quiz 3) the number 1 move! Happy! I DO like the moves coming from real games every now and then.

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