What It's Like to Play A Chess Simul

Hikaru reacts to footage of playing in chess simuls.

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  1. Yeah hikaru would not care losing to anyone in simul but would always care losing on eric just because eric did not notice he offered draw.

  2. After all those handshakes my hands would have been so sore and you don’t know how long I would be washing my hands for. COVID TIME

  3. Hikaru he's a decent and very accessible man, regardless of his high status in the chess world. Unlike him, Kasparov has always been pompous and arrogant, often very unkind and unpleasant. Being human means a lot more than a level of intelligence and success.

  4. ok this is bananas! How you can process all that in the manner you do, I am baffled and only wish I could do anything close to that. Yes you are amazing.

  5. i read the title thinking Simul was the highest ranking in a different country that doesnt have relation to the International chess federation

  6. No, I absolutely agree with Kasparov.
    He thought that this player was an easy win, so he didn't even try.

    If you tell Magnus that he's playing a 1200, he will not even try, and he might even loose if that player is 2200.

  7. Kasparov was just being a big, spoiled baby. He was the world champion for goodness sake, and is still a very strong player! C'mon. People use this "I'm amateur" trick all the time in all sports/games. Happens in my sport, table tennis. When opponent warms up w/ you before a match, he hits the ball like an amateur and says I must be a top player. Then in the match, he kicks my butt, thus revealing he knew all along he could easily beat me. In chess, same deal. Even as a kid I watched people, many experienced players, purposely set up the board incorrectly like an amateur. It was just a ruse to get the other person to make moves that were dumb thinking the other guy was a beginner. Then, he comes out swinging. I mean, grow up, Kasparov! It's called using mind tricks, a common tactic. You should never assume your opponent is an amateur.

  8. It kinda makes sense what Gary is saying, if he knew they were stronger he would just played differently and in my opinion crush them. There arent many 2,200 that can play on even footing with Kasparov

  9. 13:03 The Kasparov rant. Yeah, i am totally with him. He will still play the 2200 but what he wants is the organizer to inform him in advance so he can plan his strategy in advance. it's totally unfair to sneak in the highly rated player in a simul that's beneath contempt. he was more than fair to continue the show. I think most of these simuls pays the GM for his trouble. he is a professional. he has bills to pay. he should be paid. come on he's working. also he has his reputation take care of.

  10. was that Kasparov in a school boy uniform? that was weird. Great video. Yeah, it's no fun if the organizer loads a rated player even if FM rating without pointing that out. Got to side with Kasparov on that one. 50 players is insane. not sure is the condition there, but if i'm not wrong, it's you move only when the GM stands in front of you, he moves to the next guy after he makes his move. I'm not sure how to put this, kinda personal, but is the GM paid on such show? i played with a Russian GM (Gufeld) simul once. could be maybe 30 boards. we had to pay a certain amount to play. The GM insisted and I guess it makes sense, he has bills to pay and he's working, so it;s fair, right? The GM gone to play tournaments in the sky. So, were you paid that day for the show.
    i guess nobody has done this as it's really insane, i'm thinking Fischer random on a simul. use a puter to churn out the configuration before the show. now that would be really insane. lol. thanks for the vid. power to you.

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