Wild Doubleheader w/Crokeyz, IamCristinini. Rubius, and Punz! | Pogchamps 4

PogChamps 4…Day 3!

MATCH 1:@CROKEYZ vs @Cristinini
MATCH 2: @elrubiusOMG vs @Punz

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— Contents of this video —

00:00:00 – Intro
00:28:57 – Crokeyz vs Cristinini Game 1
00:50:10 – Crokeyz vs Cristinini Game 2
01:37:56 – Punz vs Rubius Game 1
02:04:17 – Punz vs Rubius Game 2


  1. 1:44:20 Danny: If we reach $2000 by the end of the day, you and I will freestyle rap, Harry Mach style.
    Levy: …..
    Danny: It's your treat. Don't say mama bird doesn't feed you.
    Levy: Um, the chess is good. Let's talk about the chess.

  2. This is the second match in a row where Crokeyz played below his opponent and got bailed out by a lower-rated blunder, it's getting annoying now.

  3. F she is so good, but lost oh that is so sad. i believe she will do better after this lose that will make her stronger.

  4. They basically didn’t give any commentary in the first six or seven minutes of the first punz rubius game lol but that’s prob because good moves being played generally

  5. i really wanted cristini to win that second game but her running her king towards the queen instead of behind the pawns was one of the worst things i’ve ever had to watch

  6. Great to see Crokeyz pulling in another win! It was unfortunate to see Cristinini blunder at the end of the game but I wish her the best in the consolation bracket.

  7. The screen direction is awful! Who is directing? 43:30 Missed the first check mate because the one analysis board was not being shown. The split screens showing both player's boards really doesn't help the viewing. 
    Please please please use the main analysis board unless there is any drama!

  8. Hearing about people like sardoche hitting 1800 kills me. We were the same elo when he was in the last pogchamps. I’ve only gone up 200 in elo since then.

  9. what I feel Christini's problem was, and a very common trait in beginners, patzers etc, is playing the opponent and not the position. what I mean is you're going with the opponent's flow instead objectively trying to find out what the best move is regardless of who your opponent is and how they are doing. in the game, crokeyz was in serious time trouble and started moving fast and making big mistakes and christini went along, moving just as fast, making similarly terrible mistakes, instead of taking the time and looking calmly at each move. she had a lot of time but she didn't make use of it. when your opponent moves fast, it feels they are confident and playing with a lot of energy, and you naturally want to match that energy, instinctually.

  10. it's interesting how punz thought his opening structure with white was so bad when it actually wasnt. those kind of cramped positions just require patience and some skill to organize your pieces while keeping defence up. often, it will actually turn out better, in the long run, for the defending player who's gradually opening up the position.

  11. It's so funny as a native Spanish speaker watch the first game with Levy trying to translate what Cristinini says xd (not really bad actually)

  12. Am I the only one that noticed since now Justaminx and Cristinini are out QTcinderella is the only girl.

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