Win At Chess #16 (1800-2500)

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This is a series I’m launching called How To Win At Chess. This is episode 16. We will feature many openings for beginners, intermediate, and hopefully advanced players, as well as discussions of middlegame strategy, tactics, and so on.

0:00 Introduction
0:40 Game 1 vs 1796
18:00 Game 2 vs 2200
37:47 Game 3 vs 1840
56:30 Game 4 vs 1852
1:13:23 Game 5 vs 2074
1:34:02 Game 6 vs 2517

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  1. I don't usually comment, but catching up on your videos. Appreciate all of your content. Keep up the great work!

  2. This is my first comment ever and you uploaded this the day after my 33rd birthday.. Also tired, yesterday I finished editing the 10th video for my commune in the last month.. I'm here to melt my brain, teach me moar tired senpai, merry Christmas

  3. 1:53:40 I would try rook F8 and hopes that white takes the pawn and if white takes with the rook it just would be loose anyway.
    Btw i dont know if white wouldnt run of the time if Levy dont resign but i think that white will think like 5 second and you maybe will make this a draw.

  4. In here 1:40 in, I don't normally comment, but I honestly really love the longer videos, win at chess and E4 rating climb are my fav, would love to see E5 rating climb.

  5. I would have drew blacks position and actually preferred it before he lost the handle on it . no point in …a3 if your just going to play …Bd7 and …Bc6 . he found…a3 which I was surprised but needed to start creating counterpart on the queen side. So. …b5 was needed after …a3 attacking whites bishop with tempo. Who knows most likely white would have played Bb3 but maybe he moved the bishop off the a2-g8 diagonal. Point is play to create counterpart by constantly attacking weak points . yes black correctly put his light square bishop on the long diagonal but used 2 moves to do so when he could have basically used 1 as …b4 attacks with tempo thus …Bb7 technically uses one move and also gives white the opportunity to play inaccurately.

  6. Last two matches were fantastic! And thank you Levy that you lost (haha, actually not, but thank you for that long vid!) Watching 2 hrs chess fights is something that I enjoy! 😊

  7. I had a great laugh. OK here is an idea: Chess Doubles. Pair a 2500 and 500 player on one team vs 2500 and 500 on other team. No teammate can play consecutive moves. It will be a blast to watch!!!

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