1. It's 2022 with absolute geniuses playing chess, yet the computers are too slow for us to follow the games? Come on tech team, please..

  2. Hi, looking for fans of Magnus to help take actions agains a troll and cyberbully here on youtube, using Magnus full name and real photos of Magnus to troll and cyberbully other channels and users.

  3. OMG f*ck hikaru, hikaru this hikaru that, and at the end he will be like always 5th buhahahahha. Hikaru is not the only person participating in that tournament for the f*ck sake.

  4. rough day for the champ

    edit: God damn winner only gets $60k?!? At a world event where these players probably put hours/days/weeks into preparation, $60k seems low. Pro chess needs to have bigger payouts. I hope sponsors pay them handsomely

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