1. As a 1500, in my worst game I made 10 blunders (my opponent 9) and anyway I won, it was a crazy match 🤣

  2. I swore never to watch a baka mitai video ever again cause i dont want this music to get stuck in my head for a week and yet here i am

  3. Playing qc2 on move 4 seems like a fairly natural move and the computer doesn't hate it, but it makes it a lot harder to play and gives black a lot of initiative. I know that playing e3 or nf3 or even a3 feels really boring, but there's a reason why "theory" exists. Not that qc2 isn't playable, it's just that dxc4 and c5 is so natural to play as black and white's development feels a bit uncomfortable because you're always trying to recapture pawns and black can reinforce them, often with tempo/aggressive ideas (b5 for example). Danya made a video recently where he dismantled the qc2 move pretty quickly.

  4. The engine: Just take the pawn 4head
    Casuals like me: I'm never taking a piece again 😭

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