Worst Game Of My Life?

Washington Chess Congress Round 8

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  1. 8:00 *start of a long sequence of "calculations."
    10:15 "So I just went for it…" Showing a position way different than where it was at 8:00. What actually happened? What were the actual, non-calculated moves? Black's LSB is gone, but the queen didn't move?!? Sorry if I'm confused. And also sorry it's such a late comment.

  2. Know I’m super behind on your vids since there’s like 10 above this one lol. But don’t give in to the negativity, levy. It’s perseverance that makes a champ and means hitting the drawing board again even after it looks like our plan fell apart. Much love

  3. I dont want to give too much advice because im basically trash at chess, but something ive been working on lately that might be relevant to this game is not freaking out about losing a weak pawn. There were a couple times you could have let him take one of your doubled pawns and basically gained a tempi on an attack. It sucks feeling like youre losing material against such a skilled player, but if you look at it as trading that weak pawn for attacking chances it suddenly makes a bit more sense. Im bad at endgames but i think that your pawn structure in all of those positions where the computer said just give your doubled pawn up looked good; you had the center, you had connected pawns, i think it looked fine. It's just hard to get over that "oh God im going down in material and have nothing concrete to show for it"

  4. Yeah man all the other comments are saying it too but don't be so hard on yourself, you're missing one or two moves in 2300+ rated chess, I have confidence I'll see GM Gotham, always enjoy the content keep it up

  5. It seems also that tactical exercises are focused on flashy moves. You missed his stodgy defensive maneuver. Maybe that is an additional question to ask in long games. "What are her/his stubborn defensive replies?"

  6. Wow. One move can just undo your position — that's the thrill of chess, it's like walking a tightrope. The more painful the defeat, the more you'll learn from it. Keep going and good luck Levy!

  7. Thanks for sharing your wins and losses – you're amazing no matter what! BTW Is there a place where we can see you playing over the board? Thank you again!

  8. Fabi, be patient and don't lose hope, just because this guy Naroditsky beat you is not the end of the world. I know that you'll catch up Magnus some day. We believe in you!

  9. Don't let it get you down mate. You did great. I'm sure it was a tough thing to experience, but once you shake off that horrible feeling, I'm sure the experience will sharpen your skill.

  10. How do you rate your match with biyaherong coach? I wish you could show your 2nd match with him wherein he sacrificed alot of pieces but in the end he mated you.

  11. I've just read the title😆 Well, previous game was really good for Levy, but this one… I've got a bad feelings about it😔

  12. Well chess is a 1v1 game, so if one person is to win, the other has to lose. Even GMs are losing to other players (mostly other GMs) all the time xD

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