xQc Gets Checkmated by MoistCr1tikal in 6 Moves! | Chess.com PogChamps

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xQc ( @xQcOW ) gets checkmated by MoistCr1tikal (@penguinz0) in 6 moves in Pogchamps Round 2 of the Chess.com tournament. Let’s just say the chess game didn’t last long. Prior to the game, MoistCr1tikal was coached by GM Daniel Naroditsky who told him to risk it and go for this quick checkmate against xQc and boy did it pay off. After non-stop trash talk from both players in the build-up, the result shocked the chess world, becoming the most-watched chess clip ever captured on Twitch within hours of the game’s completion.

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  1. I love how both of the commentator's eyebrows raised and they went silent the very second the white knight moved

  2. Botez and Hikaru be like 🤦🤷, xqz be like 😐 while moist in the background goin 💃🕺🕺💃

  3. Alex : no please no its too soon hikaru we haven't even reached the climax yet🤣🤣🤣🤣

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