xQc/Sardoche/BenjyFishy/Daniel Negreanu Pogchamps 3 Action!

It’s the first day of the PogChamps 3 quarterfinals featuring @xQcOW, @Daniel Negreanu, @benjyfishy, and @Sardoche!

Chess.com is matching up to $100,000 in donations received during PogChamps3 to benefit the player’s charities of choice alongside of the prizing for the event. If you’d like to donate towards our goal, please visit

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  1. Good to see three people out of four in the first part of the video being from Eastern Europe two from my country, Hungary and the Botez girl from Romania!

  2. The answer is zero lasagnas.
    While you guys are answering the most important questions of humanity, I'm eating the lasagna.

  3. chess.cpm Is there a way to skip GM Finegold tutorials and still somehow complete the checkmating pattern challenges? Also is there ever going to be a GM Finegold fleshlight available? You could sell the anus and the mouth as the same thing, profit?

  4. Benjyfishy is a genius. Both in Fortnite competitive and chess. One of the only good and intellectual people left in the fortnite community

  5. "Preparation by gm Hikaru"
    Xqc literally showed up 5 minutes before his match… To call that preparation is a sham

  6. Can you stop constantly moving away from the board and doing your own analysis? It is annoying that most of the game I cannot see the real time position. For that purpose consider introducing a side-analysis board…

  7. Generally I love how commentators show possible moves on board yet its sometimes hard to follow what the actual board, position is (not only in this stream but generally).

    Would be fantastic if live current board color and a second, theoretical board with different color would be used, for example if live is purple and theoretical green the viewers would always know

    whenever joining in if they see the live current status or not.

  8. Glad they got rid of that dumb time rule. It didn't make any sense. The one with less time lost every time, because they blunder under time pressure.

  9. xqc and sardoche was such a letdown. They both played like crap, was painful to watch for such an anticipated match.

  10. So annoying that they flip the board black <-> white during the game. For low elo players like myself I lose track of things. Please keep the same board, just change the audio to one of the players if that's desired

  11. Not really fair to have newcomers in chess to push into no increment (after they are used to inc). We don't want to see them win on time. 5m0s game is about the same as a 3m2s game. Still loving these tournament!

  12. That Andrea Botez sounds like that cute kid from Minecon who jumps up and down with his minecraft pickaxe and says "do you like to come to my house?"

  13. well… there's a positive and a negative to this story…
    negative: DNegs is out 🙁
    positive: I can stop staying up late to watch this tourney live… maybe i'll get some sleep now

  14. I know chessdotcom is pushing Botez sisters because some teenagers believe they are fun/hot, but a 3 hours of listening screeching 1600 player is just damaging the eardrums and killing enjoyment.
    It's a shame really, because Anna was great and games were fun!

  15. Any game in the tournament, i.e Codemiku vs Mr Beast "every commentator, these are just like high level GM games"

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