GM Norm Tournament, Round 6

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  1. …even though he looks like he's eight years old. This is what it means to be an adult playing chess: you will be competing against kids and teens. It's tough: it's embarrassing to lose, but winning is slightly embarrassing too.

  2. When he said I only had a second on the clock and played this move, I thought he was leading up to a checkmate 😆, watching too much chessmaster Ludwig probably

  3. Thanks for these vids Levy!!
    Strangely, with so many instructive videos, i feel I learn a lot from these videos. Just the things going on your head, choices and why you make them. Anyone else feel the same?

  4. Well done mate, thanks for the video. Felt like I was there watching the real game, through your recap! Legendary stuff!

  5. Levy is fucking content producing machine

    Sadly, I am not content watching machine.

    Still enjoy all of the content I watch tho.

    Go go Levy!

  6. I’ve played Justin many years ago in a Michigan tourney and bungled a K & B vs K. We drew. Had my chance man..

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