1. Nice video
    Children Chess national champion from pacitan east java indonesia need support, 7 years old, kondisi yang pas pas san atlet catur anak namun bersemangat bisa menjadi juara..bibit pemain catur bagi bangsa indonesia

  2. I am watching her play and the name 'Nezhmetdinov' keeps popping into my head.
    How can someone so adorable be so savage?
    The Lesson I learned from this game: backward moves are difficult to see but they exist

  3. Its so cute the way she defend against fried liver attack. She had a winning chance 3:26 by taking Rook with the Bishop. opponent missed a mate in one at 5:32 queen to f8# instead of e8.

  4. So if you are home….. and you see her camly raise that finger at you. BEWAIR she is planning something against you :/

  5. That gold bracelet hand helped her pa.see last 2 min.His moves like that .He volunteered for his defeat. What a eyewash

  6. At first I thought, “The title must be bluffing. As everyone knows, literally all six-year-olds are biologically incapable of playing chess without constantly screaming in excitement.” Well, you proved me wrong. Good job.

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